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Una valanga di link a guide bestseller per sysadmin

In Articoli, Guide e HowTo, Avanzati, per Guru!, Facili, o quasi :) il 5/01/08 @ 13:10 , trackback
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Segnatevi questa pagina tra i preferiti: contiene i migliori articoli tecnici del 2007 di nixCraft.


Quando avrete un po’ tempo vi consiglio di scorrerla con calma: molto probabilmente vi troverete a cliccare su decine di link ;)

I link, in ordine cronologico di pubblicazione:

=> Resize Windows Partition with Open Source Software
=> Linux: Setup a transparent proxy with Squid in three easy steps
=> How do I find out Linux CPU utilization?
=> How Do I Enable remote access to MySQL database server?
=> Howto: Ubuntu Linux convert DHCP network configuration to static IP configuration
=> Linux > Command line BitTorrent client
=> Download of the day: AcetoneISO - extract, browse ISO and other CD/DVD formats under Linux
=> Howto install & use Flash, Java, Real Player 32 bit plugins under 64 bit Firefox
=> Samba share permissions simplified
=> Linux install and configure DLink DWL g 520 - RT61 Wireless LAN PCI Card
=> Linux configure point to point tunneling PPTP VPN client for Microsoft PPTP vpn server
=> Linux add ethtool duplex settings to a network card permanently
=> How to: Change / Setup bash custom prompt (PS1)
=> How to mount remote windows partition (windows share) under Linux
=> How to: Mount an ISO image under Linux
=> How to backup MySQL databases, web server files to a FTP server automatically
=> Linux bond or team multiple network interfaces (NIC) into single interface
=> Fix a dual boot Windows Vista and Linux problem
=> Ubuntu Linux NFS Client Configuration to mount nfs share
=> Sending email or mail with attachment from command or shell prompt

=> Sending email or mail with attachment from command or shell prompt
=> Recover MySQL root password
=> Configure static routes in Debian or Red Hat Linux systems
=> Linux Get list of installed software for reinstallation / restore software
=> Howto: Configure Linux Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
=> PHP send email using authenticated smtp server in real time
=> Understanding UNIX / Linux file system
=> Howto: Linux write (burn) data to DVD or DVD/RW
=> Ubuntu Linux Live CD: Save data & desktop information on USB device
=> Schedule Windows server to reboot or shutdown automatically
=> Linux remote desktop for controlling windows XP desktop
=> Howto: build Linux kernel module against installed kernel w/o full kernel source tree
=> Killing zombie process
=> Perl script to monitor disk space and send an email
=> Linux ultra fast command line download accelerator
=> Moving Outlook email (data) to Linux Evolution mail client
=> How to: Compile Linux kernel 2.6
=> How to extract an RPM package without installing it
=> Howto: Linux kill and logout users
=> Linux audit files to see who made changes to a file

=> Installing VMWARE server on CentOS 5 or Red hat enterprise Linux 64 bit version
=> 10 boot time parameters you should know about the Linux kernel
=> Test mail server for an open relay
=> Linux Iptables open Bittorrent tcp ports 6881 to 6889
=> What is /dev/shm and its practical usage
=> Monitor and restart Apache or lighttpd webserver when daemon is killed
=> Linux last reboot time and date find out
=> 9 Tips to diagnose remote GNU/Linux server network connectivity issues
=> Howto: Performance Benchmarks a Web server
=> Linux: How to Encrypt and decrypt files with a password
=> How to keep a detailed audit trail of what’s being done on your Linux systems
=> Copy MySQL database from one server to another remote server
=> How to: Recovering Linux grub boot loader password
=> Linux Iptables: How to specify a range of IP addresses or ports
=> SSH Public key based authentication - Howto
=> Lighttpd FasCGI PHP, MySQL chroot jail installation under Debian Linux
=> Linux hard drive benchmark & bottleneck testing software suite for performance
=> Redhat Enterprise Linux securely mount remote Linux / UNIX directory or file system using SSHFS
=> How do I test if my Linux server SCSI / SATA hard disk going bad?

…e buona lettura ;)

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Commenti »

1. http://dom93.myopenid.com/ - 5/01/08 @ 13:16

Grazie mille!!!
Utilissime tutte quante

2. mimo - 5/01/08 @ 14:22

Tutte interessantissime!Ho già salvato il link ed inizierò a leggerle con calma una per una :D
Complimenti, una chicca veramente molto utile!

3. shady - 6/01/08 @ 3:56

mmmmm posso dire che me ne mancava qualcuna! ;) grazie!

4. Jaba - 6/01/08 @ 21:19

Sito grandioso! Da quanto tempo lo segui?

ps la classica “ora di ieri a quest’ora”:
date -d ‘one day ago’ +%H:%M
che dire, semplicemente INDISPENSABILE :P

5. Jester - 11/01/08 @ 17:11

Grazie! sono comodissimi!

(commentando accetti implicitamente le Regole di pollycoke, leggile!)