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Tracker 0.6.91 + Roadmap e novità

In Espresso il 15/03/09 @ 12:40 trackback

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Ieri, provando GNOME 3 Shell mi ero proprio chiesto che fine avesse fatto Tracker (una mia vecchia grande passione, ma sono mesi che non ne seguo sviluppo e nmailing list).

Beh Martyn Russel capita a fagiuolo (pare fatto apposta): Tracker 0.6.91 è stato appena appena rilasciato ed è stata anche presentata una interessante roadmap per lo sviluppo dei possimi mesi. Ci sono interessanti novità che vorrei approfondire ;)

Yesterday I released Tracker 0.6.91, which follows the recent 0.6.90 release that we did after 12 months of solid development on the project. I say we, there is quite a huge team working on this project now, including Carlos Garnacho, Ivan Frade, Jürg Billeter, Philip Van Hoof, Mikael Ottela, Urho Konttori and many more. We have a preliminary roadmap (as mentioned here) for Tracker  too. This recent release and possibly one more will be the last before 0.7 which will include Jürg’s vstore branch (which we have been working on in parallel for months now). We also had a discussion about the current architecture of the project and decided to change some of the roles around regarding what the indexer and daemon currently do to make things more efficient. With this all in mind, I am expecting some seriously good fun on this project in the next 3 months.

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