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«Right where it belongs»

In Ergonomia, Estetica il 21/03/09 @ 15:35 trackback

Yes this post is written in English, I get too many babelfish requests :)

Sì, questo articolo è in inglese, è il modo più diretto per farsi capire :)

Everybody mockup now

Maybe someone could find this insightful, it’s my take on the popular «Add Widgets» topic, as seen here and here, just a gimped-up screenshot:

Key points:

There’s certainly room for sexification, but I think it’s nice to stick to Plasma conventions we are already used to. What do you think?1

Update: opened bug #187798
Update: KDE Brainstorm entry

Note all'articolo:

  1. Italiano: credo sia abbastanza chiaro ma se servono spiegazioni chiedete pure, tanto non mi aspetto commenti in inglese :) []

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Commenti »

1. Irruenza - 21/03/09 @ 16:00

Nice, but that’s good for adding widgets to panel.
What about the “add widgets” from right click on Desktop?

(così, alla buona ;) )

2. di passaggio - 21/03/09 @ 16:08

Nine Inch Nails. Altro che plasma. :)

3. lolloso - 21/03/09 @ 16:29

I like it attached to the panel and not as a regular window like actual implementation.
I would like to see also a plasmoid and not a window as list (or grid ?) container.
Last but not least, the grid layout is sexy but is not very useful imho.

Felì mi puoi pure correggere perchè ho sicuramente toppato da qualche parte :>

4. killer1987 - 21/03/09 @ 16:37

why don’t you expect comments in english?? : ) anyway this is a really interesting idea, i hope it will be implemented…


5. markpersy - 21/03/09 @ 17:06

..è “molto menù alla facebook”. questo non è neppure italiano!

6. MADBAD - 21/03/09 @ 17:24

Preferivo i post in dialetto siciliano. :P

7. gondsman - 21/03/09 @ 17:32

This could be a good idea, especially since the current dialog window has a problem with a hiding panel: it’s impossible to drag the selected plasmoid on the panel (because as soon as the dialog opens the panel will disappear). With this layout the panel should remain unhidden. Regarding the “grid view”… I don’t really like it, it’s pointless to pack a lot of icons in a small space when there’s no information about them. The small text below the name is very useful, especially to newcomers.

8. NeXTWay - 21/03/09 @ 17:46

MOLTO carino :D
L’ideale sarebbe poter scegliere (:

A quando un plasmoide-msn?

9. eDog - 21/03/09 @ 17:58

You’re right felipe, it’s an interesting idea :)

10. jk - 21/03/09 @ 23:42

it’s only “tab everything” - but I like it ;)

11. Tyler - 22/03/09 @ 1:11

I think the “add widgets” button shouldn’t belong neither to the panel nor to the upper right cashew.
I would simply add a “unlock widgets” option on Desktop right-click, which is currently absent, and then add widgets in the usual way, with the existing dialog.

It is uncomfortable to right-click on the panel to unlock widgets before you get a “add widgets” option, many newbies would never discover that feature. I think it is more intuitive when you right-click on the desktop, infact from there you can already choose Plasma themes.

12. 2dVisio - 22/03/09 @ 10:49

MMMMM A Pollycoke-English-version would be fantasick :)

Pay attention to the number of people that still maybe want an Italian version.
Why not having a parallel version like the Espresso thing, but just in English?

That would surely help the blog growing up more… think about it.


13. Mercurio - 22/03/09 @ 11:12

Quianam omnes lectores cum hic barbaro sermone scribunt?

14. crostino - 22/03/09 @ 19:35


however, se proprio dobbiamo scrivere in inglese i commenti, cribio, fatelo cum grano salis.

15. Irruenza - 24/03/09 @ 23:29



(commentando accetti implicitamente le Regole di pollycoke, leggile!)