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Raggruppamento di extender e notifiche con icone in Plasma

In Espresso il 27/03 @ 16:36 trackback

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Interessante il lavoro sul raggruppamento degli «extender» delle notifiche in Plasma, che adesso guadagnano il supporto alle icone.

Questa parte di Plasma aveva (e ha) bisogno di molte attenzioni, ottimo!

Last week I’ve spent some time on adding grouping support to extenders, and laid the foundation for grouping jobs in the plasma systemtray.

The grouping support for extenders is accomplished through the new ExtenderGroup class. ExtenderGroup is a subclass of ExtenderItem that adds an expand/collapse button to show or hide all ExtenderItems that belong to this group. You can add ExtenderItems to a group by calling setGroup on the items.

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