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Hacker si introducono nei server dell'esercito USA

In Espresso il 29/05 @ 12:30 trackback
Shared by felipe
A parte tutto: ma se anche Slashdot usa "hacker" al posto di "cracker" siamo tutti autorizzati a farlo? :D
An anonymous reader writes "A Turkish hacking ring has broken into 2 sensitive U.S. Army servers, according to a new investigation uncovered by InformationWeek. The hackers, who go by the name 'm0sted' and are based in Turkey, penetrated servers at the Army's McAlester Ammunition Plant in Oklahoma in January. Users attempting to access the site were redirected to a page featuring a climate-change protest. In Sept, 2007, the hackers breached Army Corps of Engineers servers. That hack sent users to a page containing anti-American and anti-Israeli rhetoric. The hackers used simple SQL Server injection techniques to gain access. That's troubling because it shows a major Army security lapse, and also the ability to bypass supposedly sophisticated Defense Department tools and procedures designed to prevent such breaches." | Leggi l'originale...

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  • non hanno appena switchato a Vista ? gg
  • Fedz
    Si vede che a Slashdot leggono Punto Informatico :D
  • evacchi
    The hackers used simple SQL Server injection techniques

    Che cacchio è una SQL SERVER injection? :D