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App Android per salvare il turista :)

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“Places Directory” è un’app che elenca una lista di luoghi interessanti prossimi alla posizione geografica in cui si trova il dispositivo Android su cui è eseguita. Locali, ristoranti e luoghi di vario interesse filtrabili dall’utente.

Non è esattamente un’idea rivoluzionaria, ma di sicuro non mancherà tra le app di chiunque ami andare in giro con il naso per aria :)

Ahem, aspettando l’HTC Hero e la valanga di altri dispositivi Android che dovrebbero vedere la luce durante il 2009…

lpd-1Google has just launched a new Android app that lists the places around me.

Places Directory is a straight-forward app created by some Googlers as their 20% time project. When you launch it, it looks up your location and gives you a directory of the types of establishments around. If I click on “Bars” for example, I’ll then get a list of the bars around me complete with a thumbnail image, the location’s distance from me and a star rating. Clicking on any of the listings will take you to a page with an overview of the place, including its address and phone number. You can also read reviews of the place by Google local users and see more pictures of the place.


117 nuovi effetti per GIMP 2.6

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Nella mischia… qualcosa di utile si trova sempre ;)

Gracias a GIMP FX Foundry , ahora se puede equipar a GIMP 2.6 con 117 scripts adicionales.

Descarga el tar o el zip. Descomprimelo y copialo en el directorio ~/ .gimp-2.6/scripts.


Seif Lotfy: UDS’s influence on GNOME Zeitgeist

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Pare che l’Ubuntu Developers’ Summit abbia dato un’ottima spinta a GNOME Zeitgeist. Ecco alcune conferme:

* Niente Mono (evvai!)
* Backend Tracker facoltativo (evvai)
* Divisione tra Servizio e Cliente

Insomma, “trattengo il respiro” (cit self[1])

[1] https://pollycoke.net/2009/04/12/tracker-alla-base-di-gnome-3/

Before UDS, GNOME Zeitgeist was getting some good attention, but sadly we never got directions from anybody concerning the engine. All of the Developers are actually students so our time and resources are limited. This however all changed during UDS. Thanks to David Barth and Emmet Hikory who took the time to sit down with us to understand Zeitgeist, thus setting new directions for the Zeitgeist “Service” as well as a strategy to avoid any political problems (sorry guys I am a Mono fan boy, but sadly the 2 other maintainers in the Team aren’t, so no worries the only language the engine would be ported to would be C). And for the first time we have a semi roadmap, thanks to the UNR team Milo, which we never got to set up since we were busy developing and going with the flow.


sKaricator :D

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Hehehe con quel nome ho capito subito che l’autore doveva essere un italiano. Complimenti per l’(auto?)ironia :D

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Risultati del KDE Usability Meeting di Maggio

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Splendido. Adesso però dovrebbero aggredire anche Plasma! :)


Estensioni in HTML per Chrome e Firefox

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Scelta in qualche modo dovuta per entrambi, ma mentre Chrome non può che beneficiarne, Mozilla ha già un notevole parco estensioni “native”, mentre queste nuove saranno un po’ come Greasemonkey: estensioni dell’estensione.

Verso la compatibilità (e oltre)?

It appears that great minds think alike (or in the case of open-source software and the close-ties between Google and Mozilla, share-alike). Within a week of each other both Mozilla and Google have announced new initiatives to allow for extensions to their browsers to be written using regular HTML / JavaScript and CSS, greatly lowering the bar for developers to join in. Strap on your Mozilla Jetpack and take a peek at extensions for Chrome.


Hacker si introducono nei server dell'esercito USA

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A parte tutto: ma se anche Slashdot usa “hacker” al posto di “cracker” siamo tutti autorizzati a farlo? :D

An anonymous reader writes “A Turkish hacking ring has broken into 2 sensitive U.S. Army servers, according to a new investigation uncovered by InformationWeek. The hackers, who go by the name ‘m0sted’ and are based in Turkey, penetrated servers at the Army’s McAlester Ammunition Plant in Oklahoma in January. Users attempting to access the site were redirected to a page featuring a climate-change protest. In Sept, 2007, the hackers breached Army Corps of Engineers servers. That hack sent users to a page containing anti-American and anti-Israeli rhetoric. The hackers used simple SQL Server injection techniques to gain access. That’s troubling because it shows a major Army security lapse, and also the ability to bypass supposedly sophisticated Defense Department tools and procedures designed to prevent such breaches.”